Supplier Diversity Program

Diversity and Inclusion are recognized as vitally important to the growth and development of the global economy and continue to be a strategic imperative at Alcon. Procurement, together with the business, works to partner with small and diverse business owners. The procurement teams across Alcon continue to embed inclusive practices in supplier selection. These suppliers meet our high standards of ethics, business integrity and environmental/safety practices. They also bring a diversity of ideas, a wealth of innovation and positive business Impact. By utilizing and partnering with small and diverse companies, Alcon will continue to build a supplier base that contributes to our competitive advantage.

Alcon has a strong commitment to the diversity of our supplier base and recognizes that having a diverse supplier pool gives a major competitive advantage and is a powerful business tool. Alcon seeks to continually identify and partner with best-in-class diverse suppliers.

To achieve this goal, Alcon is committed to:

  • Building a strong Supplier Diversity Program
  • Ensuring the inclusion of large and small diverse suppliers in the procurement process
  • Seeking out diverse and/or small suppliers through outreach efforts
  • Communicating the value of supplier diversity to stakeholders
  • Leveraging supplier diversity results to meet internal and external goals
  • Measuring success based on supplier diversity quarterly and yearly metrics.

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